Amanda Scholtz

Production , Set Design and Art Director

20170910_152813Amanda is an Production Designer & Art Director  most notably in the genres of drama, comedy and reality. She is very adept at working on location as well as in studio, and has designed and set up several studio sets on various reality shows, including Amstel Class Act- SABC ,Laugh Out Loud -MNET, Big Break -SABC ,Comedy Club Kampala & Lagos – DSTV and Shark Attack- National Geographic. She recently built a 3D set for “Those Who Can’t 2 “where she recreated the main locations from the school in studio . Other studio work includes Isidingo on SABC .

TV series and sets  designed include Those Who Can’t , End Game,The Lab, Sticks and Stones ,  Swartwater 2 & 3, Ya Lla ,Hard Copy 2, Matatiele and The Wedding – most recently she designed and is Art Directing The River a successful Telenovella for DTV.

End Game, The Lab and Swartwater were both nominated for SAFTA’s for -Best Art Direction/Production Design and” Those Who Can’t “is a twice SAFTA winner for Production Design.

She has been Art Director on  commercials such as Ultra Mel , Pin Pop , Securex Soap , World Cup Cricket, Sasol Corporate,  and Broad Line , as well as doing sets / props on large commercials such as Mercedes, KFC and Allan Gray .

She has worked on local and international features , recently as Production Designer on Vaya which has done well in Toronto at Sundance, New York Film Festival  and Berlin .

She works creatively within budget limitations and is committed to fulfilling the director’s vision and whenever possible likes to source the locations . She pays attention to detail,   enjoys pre-production preparation , loves a good script , has a  dedicated work ethic and gets on well with her co workers and her crew .

She is computer literate with advance Photoshop and some experience in WordPress, Rhino, Sweet Home and MS office.

Prior to working in film, she owned two restaurants over a period of sixteen years, giving her valuable experience in event management, catering, staff management and interpersonal skills.

Her personal interests include design, history, travel, reading, gardening, animals and nature, sketching, film and TV ,architecture, and furniture restoration.

See Amanda’s full CV here


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